If you trade in cryptocurrencies or track their pricing quite often, you might have subscribed to various sources to receive crypto alerts. Alerts and notifications via emails or messages serve a very useful purpose. Your mobile device will show the notification for a few seconds and you can choose to open and read the full message or mail or decide to check later.

With a dedicated mobile app, however, you can get timely alerts on your mobile. The significant part is that you can set the different parameters under which you wish to get notified by the app.

Prices of cryptocurrencies keep fluctuating wildly. If you are invested in cryptocurrencies or engage in trading regularly, getting alerts is critical for you to succeed in making some money in the highly volatile market.

What are the benefits of downloading and using a crypto alert app?

Instant Quotes from the Market

Globalization has meant that financial transactions are being conducted at some point in the world, every second of the day. If the cryptocurrency you are holding is quoting at a good price, you might want to be notified so that you can make a call to either hold on to it or to sell part of your holding.

Set the Parameters

Once you download the app to receive crypto alerts, you will have the option to select the conditions based on which the alerts may be triggered. The typical manner in which the currency traders operate is that they fix the price around which they would want to sell a particular crypto coin and set the alerts for a figure 5% lower to that price. This way, they can keep a closer watch once the alert is received. This can be illustrated through a hypothetical example.

Bitcoin (BTC) is quoting today at around the $7250 mark. Now you may think $8,000 would be a good price to offload some of your BTC holdings. You can set your crypto alert app to send you a notification when the price crosses $7,600. You can change this at any time.

The reverse can also be true. If the price trend is on the decline, you may want to sell your cryptocurrency before it falls below a specific price.

Flexibility to choose the currency

The above example is of Bitcoin. You may be interested in any of the other cryptocurrency units as well. Crypto alert apps will let you choose the currencies you want to set the alerts for.

Choose the way the alert is sent

Having chosen the desired currency and the conditions for the alert, you can choose the method in which the alert is delivered to you. Are you satisfied with the SMS messages delivered to your mobile phone? Would you want the information delivered by way of an email alert? These possibilities exist and you can fully use them. The assumption here is that you are busy with your other work or business and don’t have time to keep checking the cryptocurrency price movements. These alerts can only serve you this limited purpose of drawing your attention to the marketplace where the action is.

If it is one of the multimedia messaging apps you are comfortable with and wish to receive crypto alerts from, you may choose that. It could be Telegram or any other. Some people are happy with just push notifications and even that is feasible with the crypto alert apps. However, it is recommended to research and choose a trustworthy app like and make the best use of the services offered.

The Free and Premium Plans

The crypto alert apps follow the pattern of most apps you will come across. At the basic level, you can get the alerts for free. The services offered may be limited to sending a fixed number of alerts a month. The information may just include the price point and the market from where the quote is obtained.

The paid subscription for premium service will expand on these offerings. These can include an unlimited number of alerts, additional inputs like percentage change, trend indicators and so on.

Obviously, the decision lies with you to choose which one suits you. The monthly charges are generally quite nominal, probably less than $10.

The cryptocurrency market has seen a massive swing of the prices, particularly of Bitcoin. Keeping track of them and executing trades at the right time is aided through the crypto alert apps.


CPI, or Cost per Install, is one of the most practical and effective digital marketing methods. But unlike other online marketing techniques, CPI is almost exclusive to mobile applications.

In a CPI model, an app developer, also known as the vendor, hires an advertising company for their app promotion campaigns. As is the case with any advertising channel, the company publishes ads intended at drawing traffic to the mobile app webpage. But payments aren’t made depending on the amount of traffic the publisher influences to the app website. Rather, it’s determined by the number of app downloads that result from these marketing efforts.

In a nutshell, the vendor only pays when his products sell. Sounds easy, right? Well, not quite. Like any other digital marketing model, CPI has its own challenges.

Common Challenges with CPI Campaigns

One of the most common challenges faced with CPI promotion models is the sensitive nature of the demographics targeted. Unlike many other e-commerce products, mobile apps are normally targeted at specific audiences. And many of these audiences are comprised of teens and tweens.

According to YouthStats, people aged 25 and younger take up the lion’s share of the total number of internet users worldwide. That should come as good news to any mobile app developer keen on promoting their products. However, most young people primarily use the internet to have fun and socialize. Therefore, it would require serious advertisement campaigns to influence such users to download your mobile app. The saving grace, though, is that due to their curiosity, most young internet users readily respond to commercials, at least as far as clicking and viewing the ad goes.

Another common challenge you may face with CPI marketing is that getting customers to install your app isn’t a walk in the park. It doesn’t matter if the app is exclusively targeting a particular demographic. A diabetic patient looking for a health & fitness app to help them track their eating habits and workout routines will always have a reason or two for not installing the app. And even when a user installs your mobile app, they may only use it a few times a week, or never use it at all. Evidently, this will not translate to any value, especially if your mobile app is monetized such that you earn depending on in-app transactions.

There is also the challenge of finding the right advertising channel for your mobile app campaigns. However, these challenges aren’t unique to the CPI marketing model; neither are they insurmountable.

Tips for Launching a Successful CPI Marketing Campaign

  1. Choose the Right Advertising Channel

For your CPI campaigns to succeed, you’ll need to work with a company that enjoys a tremendous track record in the industry. Many CPI promotion companies will try to pitch themselves as the real deal. But as the product owner, the onus is on you to sift through the hundreds of ad publishers out there and hunker down on the ideal one for you. That depends on a couple of factors.

First, you’d want to establish the kind of following the company has. Generally, more following translates into higher exposure for your mobile apps.

You may also want to investigate the nature of the audience the company will be targeting their ads to. That’s especially true if the publisher partners with third-party platforms. For instance, the App Store and Play Store collectively boast over 4 million apps. That makes them the go-to platforms for most mobile app consumers. However, with such a vast database of mobile applications, your product must feature among the top apps listed on these platforms. To make that happen, the advertising channel you hire must understand the intricacies of App Store Optimization.

Lastly, choosing the right advertising channel for your mobile applications comes down to your budget. At the end of the day, you’d wish to see the apps generate maximum revenue at minimum expenditure. And that can only happen if the company charges flexible and competitive commissions.

  1. Determine How to Monetize the App

There are several ways you can monetize your app. The most popular method is through one-time installs. This method is encouraged as you can never be sure the installer will continually use the app after downloading it.

You can also monetize your app depending on the actions a user takes with the product. For instance, it could be a subscription-based app where the user is charged on a regular basis for having the product in their phones. Therefore, it means that the user must find the app really resourceful. Otherwise, they’ll uninstall it before the next subscription date.

There’s also the option of rewarding the user when they achieve certain milestones. This method is especially applicable to mobile gaming apps.

Lastly, you can monetize your app via in-app transactions.

Whichever method you choose, ensure it works to your benefit as the seller.

  1. Study the Metrics

Downloading an app is no guarantee that the person will use the app. Similarly, the fact that your app doesn’t garner installs doesn’t necessarily imply that the product is useless. You should carefully study the metrics as they’re what will help you determine how useful your product is and how successful the marketing campaigns are.

For instance, you should be very worried if your apps garner many installs but register limited app sessions, even if you earn upon successful downloads. The chances are that your products are moving only due to the successful advertisement campaigns from the company you hired. The same applies to apps that register low retention rates.

So, overall, earning from downloads isn’t enough. You should also investigate whether your products are serving the intended consumer needs.

Evidently, launching a successful CPI marketing campaign isn’t a walk in the park. The biggest challenge is finding an advertising company that serves your needs. When searching for such a company, look no further than MobieRanker. MobieRanker is an established CPI promotion company with access to millions of high-spending gaming demographics. The company uses influencers to push your mobile applications through sites like Instagram. Besides, MobieRanker also conducts App Store Optimization, all in a bid to increase the visibility of your mobile applications on the App Store. Thousands of previous clients that were able to buy iOS app downloads with MobieRanker have posted positive feedback, suggesting that MobieRanker delivers on its claims.


If you’ve played the MMORPG Summoners War for some time, then you are bound to have noticed just how important good runes are. They serve a similar purpose as nitrous boost does in racing games as they amplify your character’s base stats to better the effectiveness of moves or strengthen endurance.

Your monsters are only as formidable as the runes they have and today we take a lot at some of the most powerful varieties that’ll give them a fighting chance in unforgiving arena and dungeon battles.

1) Violent rune (4-set)
Arguably the pick of the bunch and undoubtedly a worthy contender for the number one slot is the violent ruin that increases your chances of an extra turn by 22%. Theomars is the popular choice for violent runes since, with just three takes, he can make light work of standard monsters.

2) Will rune (2-set)
Where there is will, there isn’t a way. A pair of these runes provides the monster in possession with an immunity spanning one turn- they’ll remain unaffected by freezing, bombs and pretty much anything else- making them excellent for mounting a late-game arena defense. Fedora and Chloe can pass on immunity to their allies hence making them great custodians of the rune.

3) Despair rune (4-set)
The despair rune betters your chances of stunning an opponent during attacks by 25%. While the despair rune can be used across the board, monsters with AoE skills (e.g. nukers) are excellent candidates as they can inflict expansive damage to multiple bystanders simultaneously. Overpowered non-AoE monsters such as the wind Monkey King, Xing Zhe, and the very face of Summoners War, the light Archangel Artamiel, also do the rune justice. The despair rune is a definite must-have in the Trial of Accession and you can get them at Giant’s Keep.

4) Vampire rune (4-set)
In a similar manner to how the blood-sucking predator feeds off the lifeforce of its victims, so too does this rune siphon the HP of monsters on the receiving end by up to 35%. Monsters such as Psamathe, Laika and Daphnis are ideal selections with the latter creature especially dependent on them due to his Hellfire attribute. They are however a doubled edged sword as they also decrease your HP by a similar percentage but they come with an immediate, enormous attack damage on the enemy. It is for that reason that vampire runes are ideal for a 2/4/6 slot where the ATK% is set as the main.

5) Energy rune (2-set)
Perhaps the most commonly used runes among newbies due to their surplus availability and scarceness of better options at the start, energy runes improve HP by 15% allowing you more time to drag a battle over the line.

These can be found in Garen Forest and Giants’ Keep and although they are a pretty standard variety, the importance of bolstered HP bases cannot be overstated particularly in intense battles such as those in the dungeons of Cairos.

And that rounds off our compilation of the best summoners war runes that are just as important to the game as the monsters themselves are. In a world whose success hinges on nothing else but RNG and sheer luck, these runes are sure to nudge you in the right direction.


The online gaming industry has grown by leaps and bounds and today as one opens the internet and browses through the games categories, they are certain to come across thousands of games. In fact it is one of the fastest growing industries and is providing employment to thousands across the country and perhaps millions across the world. Of the many recent games which have been a profound success, Elders Scrolls Online needs a mention.

ESO as it is more popularly known is a game which first hit the market in 2014. However, within a short span of two years it has become highly popular and has moved from a free version to a paid version. Be that is it might be there is no doubt that mastering the game and taking it to the next higher level calls for mastering the basics and also being on the lookout for the best sorc builds for the elder scrolls online. Let us have a look at the same which perhaps will help avid players of ESO to move their game to the next higher level. It will help improve efficiency and also enhance success percentages.


What Is The Sorcerer All About

The sorcerer is one of the many classes in ESO which is highly versatile and can be used almost for anything and everything. It can be very useful when it comes to healing, DPS, tank and also when it comes to identifying and bringing down single targets without too much of effort. Hence it is not very surprising that when it comes to both PvP and PvE variants, sorcerers can be extremely useful and relevant to say the least. Those who are able to come up with the best of Sorc builds will be able to have the most amazing features available at their beck and call.

They can help to increasing the speed manifold and also improve the abilities of the range quite substantially. It also enhances the capability to inflict high weapon damage more accurately. It also could play a big role in identifying, weakening and ultimately destroying enemies and the ability to master and improve skill controls also enhances quite a bit. If you are one of those who are good at the mage play style, there is no doubt that Elder Scrolls Online Sorcerer is the one which perhaps could fit the bill perfectly. There are many variants of sorcerer builds available including Daedric Summoning, Storm Calling and Dark Magic.

Daedric Summoning is a skill set which helps you to call in different minions and creatures and make use of them. They can be useful to strike lethal deal damage and also curse enemies on your behalf.

Storm Calling on the other hand is a skill which is all about damage and offense. It helps you to move at lightning speed and cause devastating damage to enemy lines when used properly.

Dark Magic is basically useful in a support role. When it comes to offering the most effective crowd control and also for the best of debuffs Dark Magic can be one of the best choices. It has been known to strike lethal blows and completely vanquish and exterminate enemy lines.


It Might Make Sense To Opt For Ready Made Builds

Coming out with the right Sorc for ESO can be a tough task because of a few obvious reasons. Hence it might not be a bad idea to look for some pre-built and time-tested options. Pre-built sorc builds and they make it possible to use bow and various weapons and they are swapped often. Further when it comes to choosing pre-built sorc builds, care should be take to choose the right medium armor and light armor. This is because Sorcerer is heavily dependent up Magicka regeneration and spell damage.


Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing The Right Sorc Builds

It is always better to look DPS builds with high single target capability.

Look for builds with super vampire capabilities.

Opt for builds which have capabilities of high burst damage. They should also have the best of survivability features built into it and much more.

Spell casting is an extremely important attribute of sorc builds and this can be possible only when Magicka is optimal and increased to the maximum extent possible. Stamina and health are also important points to be kept in mind. It also would be advisable to use light armor as much as possible to make the best use of the spell caster. Heavy armor can be used provided they are complemented with a few light pieces. These along with shields are suitable for those who would like to tank. There is no doubt that heavy armor is useful for keeping health in good condition which in turn will help in withstanding damage that much more.


Benefits Using The Best Sorc Builds Guides

There are many reasons why it makes sense to go in for suitable guides to help come out with suitable Sorc builds. The guide offers complete and comprehensive details of the various morphs and skills. Additionally it also talks in length about various strategies of game play and also different types of combat tactics. It also offers a highly useful leveling guide and quite a few other things.

If you believe in testing and then building your own sorc builds it certainly is not a bad idea. However, it calls for spending quality time and it might take a few weeks or even months before one is able to come out with a foolproof, dependable and trustworthy build. Instead a better option would be to look for some pre-built options which come to your in a ready to use format. They would have been already tested and tried. Whether it is PvE or PvP builds or leveling builds using different weapons, you will be able to get the best combination of set bonuses, traits and also the most useful variants of enchantments. These pre-built options will also be able to help you with suitable skill rotations which can optimize the build. These pre-build options are always updated. The best pre-built options are not very easy to come by and it calls for some researching, gathering information and knowledge and then deciding.