If you’ve played the MMORPG Summoners War for some time, then you are bound to have noticed just how important good runes are. They serve a similar purpose as nitrous boost does in racing games as they amplify your character’s base stats to better the effectiveness of moves or strengthen endurance.

Your monsters are only as formidable as the runes they have and today we take a lot at some of the most powerful varieties that’ll give them a fighting chance in unforgiving arena and dungeon battles.

1) Violent rune (4-set)
Arguably the pick of the bunch and undoubtedly a worthy contender for the number one slot is the violent ruin that increases your chances of an extra turn by 22%. Theomars is the popular choice for violent runes since, with just three takes, he can make light work of standard monsters.

2) Will rune (2-set)
Where there is will, there isn’t a way. A pair of these runes provides the monster in possession with an immunity spanning one turn- they’ll remain unaffected by freezing, bombs and pretty much anything else- making them excellent for mounting a late-game arena defense. Fedora and Chloe can pass on immunity to their allies hence making them great custodians of the rune.

3) Despair rune (4-set)
The despair rune betters your chances of stunning an opponent during attacks by 25%. While the despair rune can be used across the board, monsters with AoE skills (e.g. nukers) are excellent candidates as they can inflict expansive damage to multiple bystanders simultaneously. Overpowered non-AoE monsters such as the wind Monkey King, Xing Zhe, and the very face of Summoners War, the light Archangel Artamiel, also do the rune justice. The despair rune is a definite must-have in the Trial of Accession and you can get them at Giant’s Keep.

4) Vampire rune (4-set)
In a similar manner to how the blood-sucking predator feeds off the lifeforce of its victims, so too does this rune siphon the HP of monsters on the receiving end by up to 35%. Monsters such as Psamathe, Laika and Daphnis are ideal selections with the latter creature especially dependent on them due to his Hellfire attribute. They are however a doubled edged sword as they also decrease your HP by a similar percentage but they come with an immediate, enormous attack damage on the enemy. It is for that reason that vampire runes are ideal for a 2/4/6 slot where the ATK% is set as the main.

5) Energy rune (2-set)
Perhaps the most commonly used runes among newbies due to their surplus availability and scarceness of better options at the start, energy runes improve HP by 15% allowing you more time to drag a battle over the line.

These can be found in Garen Forest and Giants’ Keep and although they are a pretty standard variety, the importance of bolstered HP bases cannot be overstated particularly in intense battles such as those in the dungeons of Cairos.

And that rounds off our compilation of the best summoners war runes that are just as important to the game as the monsters themselves are. In a world whose success hinges on nothing else but RNG and sheer luck, these runes are sure to nudge you in the right direction.